Repairing Your Garage Door is Our Business

For 23 years now the owner of Mesa Door Systems has been diagnosing problems and fixing broken garage doors for homeowners and businesses throughout the Grand Valley. There's nothing about the operation of a garage door that Walt hasn't dealt with, time and time again.

Like other mechanical devices, garage doors need occasional maintenance and repair – parts wear out, cables break, and motors lose their effectiveness. In addition, accidental bumps and collisions can lead to garage door system failures involving panel dents and doors going off track.

Don't Forget: All Labor Includes a Two Year Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Whatever your garage door repair problem, Mesa Door Systems has the know-how and tools to get your door operating again quickly. Our services include:

  • Replacing springs
  • Replacing panels
  • Replacing doors
  • Replacing rollers
  • Installing new gear kits
  • Correcting door off track issues
  • Repairing & replacing cables
  • Replacing door openers – which have a life span of about 12 years

This is by no means a complete list of the repair and maintenance services Mesa Door Systems can provide for your Grand Junction area property. If you have questions, we encourage you to call us today at 970-234-2123.

And don't forget: all labor includes a two-year warranty for your peace of mind.

New and Replacement Doors to Improve the Appearance and Functionality of Your Home or Business

Mesa Door Systems installs only the highest quality brand name products when repairing or replacing your broken or outdated garage door. We can take care of all your installation needs, whether that means installing a completely new garage door or just a motor, tracks, lift mechanisms or panels. We also have access to refurbished parts if you're looking to lower your costs to the minimum.

Backed by Product Warranties and 2-Year Labor Warranty!

When you choose Mesa Door to install your new garage door in the Grand Junction area, you can choose from steel doors, aluminum doors, eco-friendly wood doors – whatever is available on the market, we can order for you.

Mesa Door installs all varieties of garage doors, including:

  • Sectional garage doors
  • Single panel garage doors
  • Roller doors
  • Carriage house doors
  • Commercial garage doors

We can also offer you custom addition options, like installing insulation to improve the weather-handling capabilities of your garage door; and glass panel installation to enhance its appearance. Talk about "classing up" your curb appeal!

Adding windows to your garage door automatically enhances the look of your home, and adds to the resale value overnight.

Call today for a free estimate on window installations to your existing garage door.